[CT Birds] House Sparrows

Lisa White madalynwhite at aol.com
Sun Apr 9 11:49:04 EDT 2017

Hi All -- 

I'd appreciate any advice on how to get rid of a contingent of house sparrows that has set up in my backyard over the last few years.  I have a couple of nest boxes and in one each year I get either Tree Swallows or Eastern Bluebirds.  House Sparrows have always taken the other one (bad idea, I know).  As I'm evaluating the boxes this year, however, house sparrows appear to have claimed both and I'm concerned that the native birds will be shut out.  Unsurprisingly, the number of house sparrows around my yard also appears to have tripled in number from last year.  I'd like to get rid of all of them humanely, and my hope (if possible) is to "outsource" this job.  Again, any advice appreciated. You can reach me offline at madalynwhite at aol.com

Many thanks.

Lisa White
Essex, CT

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