[CT Birds] Stratford Point- Highlights

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 22:58:38 EDT 2017

So a pretty productive day again at the point. From 3:15p on, I counted
over 400 Northern Gannets from the property with an amazing high count of
297 in view at one time! Strangely enough, during the period in which I
counted the 297, most of the Gannets were sitting on the water but very
distant and mid-sound. The YHBL continued on and off as usual but spent
most of the day MIA. Tom Murray found a Brown Thrasher singing on top of
the tallest tree near the lighthouse which I was able to observe as well.
Around 6:30, Tom and I spotted a new species for the property flying west.
A beautiful Tricolored Heron which I was able to snap a few record shots
of. That's a total of 3 new species on the property this year! I wonder
what the next bird will be.

Happy Birding,
Stefan Martin
Stefan Martin

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