[CT Birds] Gannets and Razorbill(s) off Bridgeport

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Wed Apr 12 19:29:58 EDT 2017

My wife crossing on the PJ/Bpt ferry this afternoon, counted 87  
Gannets and at least 1 (probably 2) Razorbills looking out the  
starboard side window of the main car deck on the ferry (without  
binoculars). Most of the Gannets were sitting on the water, some were  
flying, others taking flight from the oncoming ferry. One of the  
Razorbills was closer to the ferry swimming with a few Gannets. She  
said it was in full breeding plumage with a full hood. The other  
(probable) bird was at a distance but she was about 90% positive in  
the ID also in full breeding plumage with a dark hood. All the Gannets  
she saw were from mid-Sound on the CT side. The majority were within  
half the distance to the CT shore from mid-Sound. Looks like a Gannet  
spring in LIS!

Keith Mueller for Jen Mueller
Killingworth, CT

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