[CT Birds] possible Clay-colored Sparrow, Hammonassett SP

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Fri Apr 21 17:51:42 EDT 2017

 And I emphasize, possible. While looking at the Pectoral Sandpiper from the blind next to the Chimney Swift structure I noticed an unfamiliar sparrow.  It had a very pale breast with some buffiness to the flanks. Very dark, almost black, median crown stripe with thin white line through it (which did not show in poor quality pictures), white supercilium and very wide dark/black eye stripe, grey nape, white throat stripe. I originally thought Swamp Sparrow but noted the lack of rufous on the wings. and supercilium was white rather than grey. I took a few distant photos but given the damp weather and poor lighting, they are not much help. I went back to my car to get my scope but the bird was not relocated when I returned.  I blew up a couple of the photos and put them on my ebird report, but they are not very clear.  Any ID help would be appreciated. And if anyone is there tomorrow, please keep a look out for it.
Jack Swatt

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