[CT Birds] Falcon Kill @ Cove Island Park in Stamford

Ian Devlin captain_ian at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 14:24:50 EDT 2017

About 10:20am

This morning after a nice quiet walk in the park at the sanctuary just as the rain began to fall, I watched a Peregrine Falcon dive down over an active kids softball game and knock a dove out of the sky right into the middle of the game! The dove was crippled and "breakdancing" on the ground between the pitchers mound and first base. The falcon proceeded to do figure eights overhead no higher than fifteen feet off the baseball diamond. Finally, the falcon came down and snatched the injured five up and fly away out of sight. The kids and parents sure did get a show! I was in my pickup truck editing some photos from my iPhone. I just watched the whole thing happen and was late to react with my DSLR camera. 

Capt. Ian Devlin 
East Norwalk, CT.

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