[CT Birds] Oystercatcher nest online

Dennis Riordan driordan at snet.net
Sat Apr 22 19:48:58 EDT 2017

Menunkatuck has streaming video from Falkner Island off Guilford. It was installed to show the terns that nest on the island. With no terns yet, we’ve been scanning for seals and the various birds that visit the island. Friday's scanning came upon an American Oystercatcher nest with three eggs on the gravel between tern nest boxes.. The tern/seal/bird cam is now an oystercatcher cam. View the stream at menunkatuck.org/conservation/falkner-island-cameras/tern-cam/ <http://menunkatuck.org/conservation/falkner-island-cameras/tern-cam/>.

Dennis Riordan

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