[CT Birds] Boston Hollow/Turnpike/Barlow Mill Rd.

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 18:51:39 EDT 2017

I spent a wonderful day in the Yale Forest.  Not overwhelming in numbers
(42 species) but some really good looks at the birds.  I was particularly
enchanted by several Winter wrens singing along the way (5) and when one
worked the edge of the road only feet from me, stopping now and again to
sing, I was in heaven.  It was without a doubt the best look at a Winter
Wren I have ever had.  Five typical early warblers:  Pine, Palm,
Yellow-rumped, BT Green, and both Waterthrushes.  The Yellow-bellied
Sapsuckers were doing their little uneven drumming everywhere.  Didn't see
or hear the Pileated, but had all the other woodpeckers.  A perched
Broadwinged Hawk, screeching Red-shouldered Hawks, a soaring Turkey
Vulture, and a stealthy Red-tail held up the raptor end of the list.  A
beautiful Hermit Thrush lit close to the road and gave great views
but--alas--remained silent.  Then it gave its rather raucous alternate
call.  Lots of Eastern Towhees and Blue-headed Vireos and Chipping Sparrows
and the flycatchers (Eastern Phoebe, Blue-grey Gnatcatchers and Eastern
Bluebird) were feasting on the gnats and flies...which were attempting to
feast on me.  Even some waterfowl for good measure:  Wood Ducks, Mallards,
and a Great Blue Heron.  I love the Yale Forest!

The Rev. Dana L. Campbell
Interim Rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Middletown CT
dana.l.campbell at gmail.com

πιστὸς δὲ ὁ θεός (1 Cor 10:13b)
God is faithful.

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