[CT Birds] World Series of Birding Follow Up

Brendan Murtha bmskua at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 26 20:55:44 EDT 2017

Hello everyone—

Sorry for the follow up, I’m making a change to my last email.
The website is a logistical nightmare, and since the club isn’t taking donations directly (they have to go through us), the “donation” button doesn’t really work.

SOO, if you’d like to support our team, please just let me know. Include the type of pledge (lump or per-bird) and then wait until after the big day to send me the donation. I will write up a report of our big day and contact all of our supporters before anyone sends anything in.

In the meantime though, I will keep a tally of who is pledging what.

Sorry for the confusion, and thank you all again! The vibrant CT young birding community is incredibly grateful for your continued support.


Brendan Murtha
CYBC President

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