[CT Birds] Change of Shift

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 09:07:55 EDT 2017

The Juncos - except for 1 - have moved out.

4 WTSP remain singing and eating to their hearts content.

Now - after having none at all this winter - I have an even dozen Am
Goldfinch.  So much fun to see all that color!

Also had 6 male Cowbirds on the phone/electrical lines a few days ago with
4 of them performing what looked like some sort of display.  Interestingly,
the 4 on the bottom line did all the displaying while the ones on the upper
line just sat there.

On a separate note that I found somewhat humorous, there was a Black
Vulture on the roof of the Emergency Walk-in Clinic just off Black Rock
Turnpike.  Must have been a bit unsettling for those visiting the clinic!

Jan Hollerbach

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