[CT Birds] Great Hollow Lake, Monroe

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Fri Apr 28 20:55:47 EDT 2017

There has been lots of bird activity at Great Hollow Lake in Monroe this  
week.  Dozens of Yellow-rumped Warblers and Palm Warblers .They're  
everywhere!  I've also seen some Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers,  Pine  Warblers, Louisiana 
Waterthrush, a Yellow Warbler and a Black and White  Warbler.
Great Hollow Lake is a great place to go birding.  Warblers love the  area 
near the boardwalk where the lake flows into a stream.  There's a  narrow 
trail that runs parallel to the stream through the woods where there  is a lot 
of activity and worth checking out.  The main trail is a 3/4 loop  that 
goes around the lake with many good spots to look for birds.
The highlight last year was a Prothonotary Warbler that I saw on May  5th.  
I'm hoping it comes back this year!
Great Hollow Lake is part of Wolfe Park.  The entrance is located  off of 
Purdy Hill Road (opposite 459 Purdy Hill Road).  The park is open  without a 
fee to non-residents until Memorial Day.
Happy Birding!
Janet Holt
Monroe, CT

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