[CT Birds] Return of the Beloved

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 07:23:53 EDT 2017

Good morning, CT Birders. 

Up until this morning I have been awakened by the practice notes and full blown songs of White-throated Sparrows.  This morning as I was trying to decide whether to get up or to try to ring out another few minutes of sleep, I kept waiting and waiting, but no Poor Sam Peabodies were to be heard.  However, another sound emerged which caused me to leap up and open the window.  To my great excitement it was the song of my beloved Wood Thrush!  He must have come in last night.  I assume (but have no way to verify) that this is the same one that has arrived and nested in my neighborhood every year for the past 4 years.  What joy these feathered songsters bring!

Jan Hollerbach

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