[CT Birds] North Guilford yard

Cin and Bill kobak bilcinkob at comcast.net
Tue May 2 18:29:54 EDT 2017

Began the day with a male indigo bunting at our platform feeder. The
afternoon brought 1 female and 2 male red-breasted grosbeaks to our front
birdbath several times for a drink. Both species were at platform feeder
later in the day.  Male pileated woodpecker is a regular visitor to a tree
with tasty ants. The female pileated comes to cooked eggshells we put out
for the birds. Many goldfinches at tube feeders. (They prefer to drink from
the hummingbird feeder ant moat.)


For comic relief, I had a titmouse tentatively approach me as I sat on our
back deck watching other birds this afternoon. She finally fluttered against
the back of my head, then landed on top to try to pull hair from my scalp.
Ouch. I was able to watch her antics in the window of the back door.


Cindi Kobak


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