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Looks kind of Shovelerish. did it appear  small?
 My impression was that it might have been slightly  smallish for a female 
Mallard, but at a couple of hundred feet away and no other  birds around for 
comparison I'm afraid that determination is way above my pay  grade. Three 
things that bother me most are, 1. overall light gray appearance,  really 
almost white with black streaks, 2. what looks to me like a blackish or  very 
dark cap that extends right on to the bill, and 3. not a sign that I can  
see of a blue wing patch. I have almost 100 pics of the bird and nothing but 
the  blackish streaking on light gray shows in any of them that I can see. 
Actually,  if anything, that blackish cap might be a sign of a male, but 
nothing else is.  The pic where the bird came partially out of the water seems to 
show a pinkish  yellow leg, but that fits several ducks including Mallard, 
Black  and Shoveler.  

Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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