[CT Birds] Possible WESTERN TANAGER, Bridgeport

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 4 11:58:11 EDT 2017

5/4. Bridgeport, Pleasure Beach. 
While conducting a Plover survey, I saw what might have been an adult male WESTERN TANAGER. It flew among shrubs in the upper dune near the Bridgeport/Stratford border, near the two tall radio towers. It was bright yellow (and black?), appeared larger than an Am Goldfinch, and it flew low and fairly steady (unlike a goldfinch). I had just seen one in W. Texas last week, and this bird sure looked like one. Unfortunately I could not relocate it.

For those willing to try, it is a long 1.5 mile walk from the Long Beach (Stratford) parking lot.

Frank Mantlik

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