[CT Birds] No sightings - Kent River Rd issue

A W antpitta8 at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 12:19:25 EDT 2017

My two cents. If you visit the parking area at the end of River Road on a summer weekend, you will be disgusted. Numerous families (hundreds of people) picnic on the east bank of the river.  Most access the site from N Kent Rd #2 off of Route 7 on the east side of the river, but many use the River Road parking lot and wade across the low flowing summer water.  These are not "leave no footprints behind" picnicers. They are loud and have no respect for the area, leaving piles of trash, diapers, and dump their used charcoal. Spring birders don't witness this assualt during May and early June.  It is a tremendous problem during the summer. Blocking vehicle access to this area during the summer months is an unfortunate necessity. It is also my opinion that, unless N Kent Rd #2 on the east side of the river is also blocked, the problem will continue during the summer months. 

Allan Welby

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