[CT Birds] Aton Forest is hiring a part-time bird research tech

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Tue May 9 14:17:09 EDT 2017

One Bird Research Technician Position Available

Aton Forest, Inc. has been awarded an Audubon Connecticut Important Bird Area Grant for 2017 to conduct Breeding Bird Surveys and Breeding Territory Studies in northwestern Connecticut. One more experienced birder will be hired in 2017 as Research Technicians to conduct and report on this project.

Brief Description of Project: This grant will continue and expand the breeding bird research conducted at Aton Forest by hiring two experienced birders to complete breeding bird surveys along three established survey lines and determine breeding territories within selected managed shrub land and meadow habitats at Aton Forest, Norfolk, CT. Data from such study will go into the eBird database and contribute to the understanding of the distribution, populations, behavior and habitat use of Connecticut’s birds.

Aton Forest (AF) is an ecological research field station in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut in the northeast corner of the Town of Norfolk. The Forest was designated an Audubon Important Bird Area in 2015. Because of its location the Forest falls within a rather unique geographical area of Connecticut, part of the Berkshire Plateau, with many plants and animals more common further north. The elevation, topography, terrain, weather, climate, and flora all contribute to its special nature. This uniqueness is also reflected in the variety of forest birds that breed there each year.  Breeding forest birds include: cerulean warbler, black-throated blue warbler, black-throated green warbler, least flycatcher, magnolia warbler, wood thrush, eastern towhee, American woodcock, and ruffed grouse to name just a few. The AF breeding bird surveys were begun in 2002 and have been conducted continuously to the present day. All breeding bird survey data has been entered into the citizen science database eBird, as well as records maintained at Aton Forest.

Specific Goals and Objectives of Project: There are two goals of the project: one, to organize two breeding bird surveys on each of the three interior survey lines and, two, to determine bird breeding territories within selected managed shrub land and meadow habitats at Aton Forest. The breeding bird line surveys will be conducted between June 1 and 15, 2017; the breeding territory study will be accomplished between June 1 and 31, 2017. It is estimated that the project will require 72 hours per technician and wages will be $15 per hour. Aton Forest, Inc. will also make sleeping quarters, office space and a computer available for the researchers. Orientation, coordination and supervision will be provided by the Executive Director of Aton Forest, Inc.

There may also be an opportunity for student interns to work on this project, to assist the Research Technicians, to learn research techniques, to better their knowledge of northern Connecticut birds, and to further develop their birding skills.

Anyone interested please contact John Anderson, Executive Director, Aton Forest, Inc.
Phone: 860-542-5125
Email: contact at atonforest.org

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