[CT Birds] Old Tavern Rd ospreys

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Fri May 12 13:24:32 EDT 2017

I observed the ospreys at the Old Tavern Rd baseball fields today from
11:40-noon. Three ospreys were there.
2 males & 1 female, all fighting.  When I arrived, there was lots of
calling...male & female on the nest with another male circling.  that male
came crashing onto the nest-all 3 ospreys flew up batting wings.  Male
chased second male off, but it kept circling and lots of calling.
when the 3rd male again swooped down at the nest, the first male stood
erect on top of the female(not in a copulating posture), and called, and
flapped its wings. (that female was supporting the male for about 20
seconds).  Third male flew off, Then at 11:50am all 3 ospreys flew away.
at 11:55am,  2 males returned, circling but none landed.
This nest site has a late start this year. I'm not able to see if there are
any eggs, because it's on top of a light pole.
But I don't think there are, because the nest stays unoccupied for extended

Also, at my yard, I had my FOY Rose Breasted Grosbeak, plus 2 gray
catbirds.  Plus nesting robins this year.
Bev Propen, Orange

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