[CT Birds] American Woodcock in Barkhamsted

sosipatra sosipatra at aol.com
Mon May 15 09:09:00 EDT 2017

Sunday, late afternoon, I saw a woodcock hen and three chicks sitting in the middle of Park Road in Barkhamsted.
What in the world was this Woodcock mom thinking letting her chicks hang out in the road? Luckily, I saw them, stopped my car in the middle of the road, got out of the car with gloves and camera in hand to try to move them.

The mom flew off (no Mother hen her) and the little ones stayed there motionless. I thought they were injured but when I reached down to grab one, it pooped, then flapped its wings while running to the side of the road. The other two followed. Hopefully, she'll stick to the woods from now on!

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