[CT Birds] Bluff Point Black-Billed Cuckoo

ftholloway at aol.com ftholloway at aol.com
Sat May 27 10:58:43 EDT 2017

>From Fran and Tom Holloway
5/27/17 - Groton, Bluff Point, S.P. - 8:30 am, one Black-Billed Cuckoo and a (nesting?) pair of Scarlet Tanagers, plus an Eastern Wood Pewee, and many common birds, on the road that starts at the south end of the parking lot, runs past the outhouses, then turns left, and then a quick right at the sandpit.  Then on the trail that leads south from that same road (toward Mumford Cove) a White-Eyed Vireo and a Blue-Wing Warbler, and female Baltimore Oriole (plus many Redstarts and Yellows).

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