[CT Birds] Hamden Eagle Chick Getting Big

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Sat May 27 20:11:47 EDT 2017

Hi There Hamden Eagle Chick Fans.


Our chick has been out of the shell for about 6 ½ Weeks and she is getting
BIG. In the last week she has added at least 4” to each wing and 4” to her
primary feathers. She is growing so big so fast that I have decided that she
has to be a female so I have named her (The Empress) Josephine.


Now a little history. The 2013 nesting produced 1 female, 2014 – 2 males,
2015 – 1 female, 2016 – 3 males. So now it is 2017 and we have one chick who
had a younger sibling who isn’t there anymore. I’m guessing that if the
female hatches first, she makes her younger siblings go away. In the
meantime, I saw each parent bring her a fish in the space of 10 minutes. Mom
just dropped the fish off and took off. Dad decided to feed her, (daddy’s
little girl).


Regards to All, Mike Horn – Hamden, CT


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