[CT Birds] Upper Lake Whitney, Hamden: GBHE nest success! &c.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Mon May 29 22:23:11 EDT 2017

First of year Green Heron, S.W. end by Mather St.

Good news of Waite St. bridge nests:  Oriole as usual in Elm;  Osprey still sitting on platform;  and hooray, the Great Blue Heron nest has chicks!  At least 2 (there were 4 last year).  And a bunch of other GBHE's at the upper end.  

Video of GBHEs on the CT Audubon / Bird FB page.

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> Waite bridge & causeway Lake Whitney, New Haven, Connecticut, US
> May 29, 2017 6:15 PM
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> 5 species
> Wood Duck  3     Back in upper flats.

> Great Blue Heron  9     5 out in the N flats near Mill River mouth.  Nest with 2 adults & at least 2 chicks.  Nest is basically same place as last year:  from Waite St. bridge, look south into line of pines, see picture below.
> I have not been out in a while, and was afraid that the RWA cutting of the Waite St. brush & fence installation may have spooked them.  But, guess not.

> Osprey  2     1 on nest;  1 in neighborhood.

> Warbling Vireo  1     Singing in the Oak on S. side of bridge, as usual.  I presume it nests there, given year after year presence with singing.

> Baltimore Oriole  1     Elm tree by the bridge, as usual.  Saw nest being begun a couple of weeks ago.  Saw adult poking around the tree, and dash into the nest (photo).
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