[CT Birds] Westport Big Day Summary

Jory Teltser aliencricket21 at gmail.com
Wed May 31 07:53:37 EDT 2017

On May 20th, Preston Lust and I competed in the 2nd annual Town Big Day
competition, where we tried to see as many species of birds in one day in
our home town of Westport. We had an outstanding day, shattering our
previous record of 110, and coming within arms reach of the all time record
(to my knowledge) for any town big day (127, set by two young birders:
James Purcell and Alex Burdo). We finished the 19 and a half hour day,
traveling a total of 98.1 miles, with 125 species of bird. Highlights were
Gray-cheeked Thrush, 5(!) Bay-breasted Warblers, Wilson's Warbler,
Lincoln's Sparrow, Piping Plover, 47(!) White-winged Scoters, all three
owls, Merlin, White-eyed Vireo, Least Flycatcher, Bonaparte's Gull, 6(!)
Purple Sandpipers, Clapper Rail, and Greater Scaup.

I HIGHLY recommend that others try in this very fun event. I have learned a
lot about birding in my own town, and have really enjoyed discovering the
hidden birding spots that my town has to offer. This year, young birders
participated in Westport, Fairfield, Greenwich, and Coventry big days.
Hopefully next year, we will have others (it doesn't matter how old or
young you are!) participating in this fun and exciting competition. My hope
is that more birders will participate in this event, throughout more towns
across the state.

Big thanks goes out to AJ Hand, my Mom, Preston's parents, Tina Green, Alex
Burdo, and Jim Hunter.

Here is the blog post regarding the big day, which also has the eBird
checklist for the day in it: https://connecticutybc.

Jory Teltser
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