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This post was kicked back  as being too long so I  eliminated my original 
post. But in the meantime I learned that Lesley Roy is  in the clothing 
Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct  

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I think you'll find that BugsAway and other "permanent"  insect repelling 
clothing use permethrin as the repellent. And your TWO  posts look 
suspiciously like advertisements to me.
Permethrin has been used by our armed forces for something  like 30 years 
now, and if there were adverse effects I'm sure they'd have  stopped using it 
and we'd have heard about it. It needs to be used as  directed.
Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct  

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Ticks bug almost everyone...but not me!
I hesitated to weigh in, but it is far too important a subject.  The 
environmental impact of applying Permethrin onto your clothing  is harmful to 
humans and insects.   I have used this on numerous  trips in Central & South 
America but have come to understand that it  is truly a nasty solution to the 
problem of ticks, and harms many other  insects critical to our beloved birds 
of CT. 

As a avid bird photographer, I have been known to camp out, "in the  thick 
of it" buggy spots for hours, if not days on end...usually as close  to, or 
flat out on the ground to get the shot!  

My solution:  I rely on a line of clothing called BugsAway.  Often I am 
wearing a hat, shirt, tank top, pants or shorts, a  bandana, fingerless gloves 
& socks all BugsAway and I can tell you:  I don't even think about ticks.  I 
know these items are a  little more expensive (but often on sale online), 
as the repellent is  treated right into the fabric. I feel compelled to ask 
everyone to weigh  the environmental impact of applying a highly toxic powder 
or liquid that  can come off in the field as we are moving about; against 
the  cost of buying preventative clothing that is a more environmentally  
friendly choice.

ExOffico®  BugsAway®
Also, I recently heard that using a lint roller rubbed with:  Oil of Spike 
Lavender and used in the field is also a great solution  to remove ticks and 
repel new ones, if you don't mind giving yourself the  once over every now 
and again!  
Enjoy the outdoors and thank you for reading.  


Lesley Roy
New Haven

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