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I am a cat lover and was a cat owner for many years, but the  last one was 
gone before I ever used permethrin, so I knew nothing about  any issues. But 
the question of cat safety has come up several times  since I posted on 
this. I looked it up on Google and the unanimous answer  seems to be that it is 
safe for pets once it dries thoroughly. 
If you are interested in reading the safety precautions on the  label, look 
up "Permethrin for ticks" or something similar on Amazon,  and you will get 
a page with the product that shows the complete label. All it  says is 
"hazards for humans and domestic animals". It does not single out cats.  There 
is also an interesting and informative video you can watch, by the  
manufacturer, of course.
There are many pages that address this on line and all say it  is safe once 
it is dried. However it does not say what would happen with  clothing that 
gets wet from dew, etc., as mine often does in the morning. 
I think the answer for me would be to keep the treated  clothing, even when 
dry away from my animals (not let them lie on my lap or  etc.) That should 
be easy enough to do in a drawer or clothes bag or etc. But If  you have 
cats I would consider carefully what is right for you. 
I treat my clothing outdoors, draped over a split rail fence on  a sunny 
day, and there is no doubt that if there is any breeze it will blow to  some 
extent. I would make sure no cats are in the area then or find another way.  
But it dries very quickly in the sunshine, and you can put it away in an 
hour or  two. It's dry to the touch in 15 minutes.
In case anyone wonders, I have absolutely no "interest" in  this product. I 
am a user and I posted because it is useful to me and might be  to others.
Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct  

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Ann, do they have to come in contact with it (cats, I mean), or just have  
to breathe it to be toxic to them? 

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Be aware, though, that permethrin is very toxic to cats.

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If you read nothing else, read the last paragraph,  because that's the real 
point of this post.  

Since I've been birding I have just accepted ticks of all  kinds as just 
one of the hazards of being outdoors. I was relatively easy  for me, since 
years ago when i was more of a hiker I had to cope with  the same problems. I 
don't like them but I live with them.  
But this year is different. 
My solution has always been simply to do frequent tick  checks when ever in 
the woods or brushy/grassy areas and again as soon as  I get home and can 
strip down. Even so, I've been bitten by 2 dog ticks  this year. I will tell 
you first hand that DEET does nothing to deter  them, and other mosquito 
type repellents even less. I've been told that  some "natural" remedies work, 
but I'll let others trust them.  
If you get a tick on your pants watch it for a moment  before you dispose 
of it. You will be amazed at how fast they sometimes  climb up your leg. 
Within a minute or two they can be at your waist band,  and if you have an 
untucked shirt, that means on your upper body skin in  another minute or so. 
And of course, If your pants are untucked they may climb  up under them as 
well. That's even worse. I know. 
They can even be up high enough in the brush that they  can drop down on 
your head, neck and shoulders too, but for me that has  been rare. However I 
just met someone the other day who had 2 on the back  of her neck, inside her 
I am NOT trying scare everyone indoors for the summer.  It's not pleasant 
but I deal with it, and so can you. 
Here's what I always do and what I am doing this year.  Number one is 
frequent tick checks, as above. If you are in a brushy or  grassy area that means 
at least every 5 minutes or so, particularly if you  have been moving 
around. While I do believe that most ticks jump from  brush, etc, I think they 
also jump from the ground, because I have found  many while I was in a 
completely open area with no vegetation more than 6  inches or so high. Usually 
they are just a few inches above pants cuffs in  that case.
This may also work for you, but I don't do it. Tuck your  pants in your 
socks. It is often recommended but I find it very  uncomfortable and they 
usually pull out quickly.
I travel a lot out west and chiggers are the biggest  problem there, but 
there is one solution that works for both. PERMETHRIN.  You don't ever put it 
on yourself. Treat your clothing and let it dry. I  treat my pants and 
socks. It's easy to find, Walmart sells it, but its a  little cheaper and in 
larger quantities online (Amazon, etc., brand name I  use is Sawyer). I have 
finally broken down and treated my clothes now for  ticks and will continue 
this year unless the problem abates. It's easy to  use, sprays on, and will 
last up to 6 weeks through 4 washings, or so they  say. I've never had damage 
of any kind to clothing and once dry, no smell  either. Permethrin doesn't 
just repel ticks. If they come in contact it  will actually kill them. Good 
stuff. If you plan to be out a lot, try it.  If you can afford them, places 
like LL Bean even sell clothing that is  supposedly permanently treated. 
Don  Morgan
Coventry, Ct


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