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I'd like to thank everyone for alerting us about the danger to cats from permethrin. I was unaware of this, and did some research after hearing about it. While it seems as though it is safe once it is dry, if you have cats that like to lick things --as mine do sometimes -- you may want to either avoid permethrin altogether, or completely keep your clothes that were treated with it away from the cats. One article suggested keeping the clothes outside and changing before entering the house, and showering well after wearing them. Permethrin is very, very dangerous to cats. 

Sarah Faulkner 

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Don said: "I think you'll find that BugsAway and other "permanent" insect repelling clothing use permethrin as the repellent." 

Correct. From Consumer Reports: 

"We tested L.L.Bean’s permethrin-treated Crew shirt ($80, 100 percent polyester); and two similar ExOfficio shirts, the Bugsaway Breez’r ($85, 100 percent nylon) and the Talisman ($85, 60 percent cotton/40 percent polyester). All three products are treated with 0.52 percent permethrin, the industry standard. The manufacturers of all three shirts claim the permethrin will last for 70 washes. We tested them new, and after 25 washes." 

IN THE SAME ARTICLE they make a point that DEET was more effective, and using BOTH works best. Read the entire article and draw your own conclusions. 

"Plus, none of the permethrin-treated shirts were as effective against bites as an ordinary shirt that was sprayed with deet. And it’s worth noting: The shirts don’t eliminate the need for using an effective repellent on your skin. In fact, the manufacturers stress the importance of wearing the clothing along with a repellent. 

Roy Harvey 
Beacon Falls, CT 

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