[CT Birds] Collinsville, notable sightings

Lisa C lc2w2kids at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 18:24:08 EDT 2017

I wasn't planning on birding today, but some birds caught my attention...

While in a kayak today saw an Osprey over the old Collins Co Mill pond. I
thought it was a bald eagle at first, but as it flew over, I was surprised.
A hooded merganser with two ducklings was weaving in the currents up
towards the town bridge.  In that area my daughter pointed out a sand piper
(maybe spotted?), but I didn't get a good enough look to identify.

I've got purple finch nesting in my hanging flower baskets.

Still regularly seeing Sapsuckers, Pileated, and great crested flycatcher,
and hearing barred owl, but still haven't seen it yet.

As an aside,  found a wood frog the other day and a box turtle seeming to

Lisa Coggins
Daynard Drive

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