[CT Birds] Naugatuck State Forest, Reservoir No 4, Oxford

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Sun Jun 11 15:58:59 EDT 2017

 I went hiking this morning at Naugatuck State Forest in the Reservoir area in Oxford.  There were many Worm-eating Warblers and had two Yellow-billed Cuckoos (one heard, one seen), but the highlight of the morning was the Black-billed Cuckoos.  One jumped up on a branch right in front of me and started calling.  Surprisingly, it didn't fly away even as I got out my camera.  Eventually, it moved a few branches away and stayed there, then a few more branches down the trail as I followed.  Realizing it was luring me away from where I first saw it, I went back to the area to see if I could find a nest.  Above the brushy area was a second cuckoo also calling.  Looking in the brush I saw a small pile of sticks, and sure enough, nestling cuckoos tucked in the middle.  I moved in a little closer for a few pictures and then left quickly to let the parents take care of their young.  Pictures are posted on my ebird checklist.
Jack Swatt

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