[CT Birds] Wanted: gently used binoculars for the Amazon

sffaulkner at comcast.net sffaulkner at comcast.net
Tue Jun 13 22:30:33 EDT 2017

Hi Fellow Birders, 

I am the very lucky recipient of a Fund for Teachers grant that will take me on a birding/teacher development trip this summer to the Amazon in Peru with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

Cornell is sponsoring a program called "The Amazon Binocular Project" which donates gently used binoculars to natives in the Amazon as part of an international support for conservation. I'm sure you all know how critical the Amazon rainforest habitat is. This is one way to work to protect it and its coplex ecosystem, including the birds. By providing native residents with binoculars we extend the knowledge and appreciation of this amazing natural resource. 

If you have an old but "good" pair of binoculars that you can donate -- tax-deductible -- please go this site, print out the donation form, and follow the directions. If this is too much bother for you, just email me and I'll come get them and do it for you. And many thanks! 

I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning when I get back. 

Sarah Faulkner, Collinsville 

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