[CT Birds] Bethlehem W-e Vireo, Wood Thrushes

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 15:43:30 EDT 2017

This morning on Magnolia Hill Road, east of Hard Hill Road, a White-eyed Vireo was singing in typical scrubby habitat.  Also along this c 0.8-mile stretch to the end of Magnolia were 3 Wood Thrushes and 3 Field Sparrows. Nice mix of habitats. Apropos recent posts about Wood Thrush, I drove home (slowly) threw good thrush areas in Bethlehem, Watertown and Middlebury, hearing 5 more Wood Thrushes from the car. 
I've noticed in my regular haunts, especially with Wood Thrushes and Veerys, that either one can have a very good singing day while the other doesn't, and vice versa. I only had 2 Veerys today, and I know they're well-represented in the areas I covered. Consequently it's very hard to get a handle on their presence with one day's pass through an area. Of course anyone getting an impression from their neighborhood or on a frequently visited patch will have a better feel. Still, these populations have their yearly ups and downs. That why efforts like the SBCs (and diligent eBird entries over time) offer valuable information. 
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