[CT Birds] Stamford King Rail

Paul Smith paulsmith29 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 24 18:03:06 EDT 2017

King Rail along Scalzi Riverwalk in Stamford

If you go, please STAY ON THE WALKWAY.  This is the rare case where consideration coincides with good birdwatching.

Volunteers have spent tens of thousands of hours cleaning out trash, removing invasive species, raising plants in their homes, and otherwise doing everything in their power to create the habitat that this bird is utilizing.  We need to support their passionate efforts.  And they take it personally if someone steps on their plants.

On the whole, the birding community has  done a good job in respecting these boundaries so far.

Luckily, staying on the walk is also the best strategy for getting fabulous views of the rail.  Every so often it wanders down to the stream, providing unobstructed views as it goes about its business undisturbed.  If someone tried to bushwhack their way to the rail on its side of the river, not only would they scare the rail, but the effort would be futile, as the rail would be completely obstructed by vegetation.

Paul Smith
New Haven


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