[CT Birds] Windham Airport, North Windham

Phil Rusch philiprusch at charter.net
Sun Jun 25 07:49:48 EDT 2017

Thanks to Dylan's report yesterday of a fledged Meadowlark, I decided to check out Windham Airport early this morning. The  following highlights were seen:

A total of 7 Eastern Meadowlarks. 1 family group of 2 adults and 3 recently fledged juveniles. These were most likely the family that nested in the "bowl". There was also a family group consisting of 1 adult and 1 juvenile way out near what I call the "old dump". I expect there will be additional juveniles fledging from this group in the next few days. 

Also of interest was a pair of copulating Bobolinks at the "old dump" area. I assume these are displaced individuals from nearby recently mown fields, as these birds were not present prior to yesterday. I also would not call this grassland prime habitat for Bobolinks. 

Finally there was at least 1 Grasshopper Sparrow teed up at the edge of the "old dump" area showing off the nice buffy front. There were 2 other sparrows teed up , but only showing their back.  

Phil Rusch
Chaplin, CT

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