[CT Birds] eBird and Data Privacy

Dyl Pedro pedrodyl at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 20:18:50 EDT 2017

There are several options for making your data private on eBird, all of which are under the "My eBird" tab, and then under the "Preferences" link at the top of that page. 
Here you can:
-Make it so your name doesn't show up anywhere, by making your name "Anonymous eBirder"
-Hide your data. Note that your data still does get sent to reviewers this way. Nevertheless you can still exclude your checklists from :        -Recent Visits. This is the spot on the right hand side of location pages (state, county, hotspot pages, etc.). Checking this will exclude your checklists from showing up here

    - eBird Alerts. Basically this makes it so the species in your checklists don't show up on the emails that get sent out to everyone who subscribes to them. This includes rare bird alerts as well as things like "year needs" and "county needs" alerts. Again, your data still gets sent to review this way
    -the "Top 100" competition. If you weren't interested in it, or if the account doesn't belong an actual person (maybe the account is of historical records, or maybe it is for a specific location list, like a nocturnal flight count station or an organization's property list)

-You can also hide your checklist comments from all public viewing if there were sensitive location information noted there for example. But again, the reviewers still see this.

Hope this helps.

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