[CT Birds] 6/26 - West Haven, Sandy Point -- Black Skimmer

Gina Nichol gina at sunrisebirding.com
Mon Jun 26 23:02:22 EDT 2017

A lovely but relatively quiet evening at Sandy Point with the regular breeding
birds around (no chicks though).  A Saltmarsh Sparrow was fairly showy in nice
light.  The highlight was an adult Black Skimmer skimming just offshore heading
toward the West Haven Boat Ramp.  Ebird list below.

Gina Nichol
Branford, CT
Sandy Point, New Haven, Connecticut, US
Jun 26, 2017 6:50 PM - 8:00 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.4 mile(s)
Comments:     Birding on the lagoon side, tide going out.
22 species

American Black Duck  1
Double-crested Cormorant  1
Great Egret  4
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron  1
Osprey  2
American Oystercatcher  3
Willet  8
Laughing Gull  1
Herring Gull  3
Great Black-backed Gull  2
Black Skimmer  1
Mourning Dove  3
Chimney Swift  1
Tree Swallow  2
Barn Swallow  2
Northern Mockingbird  1
European Starling  1
Yellow Warbler  1
Saltmarsh Sparrow  1
Red-winged Blackbird  2
Brown-headed Cowbird  1
American Goldfinch  2

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