[CT Birds] Reporting rate birds - - not for sharing on the listserv

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 10:44:18 EDT 2017

Good morning,

I just received a message from Patty Morris who is a volunteer at the
Scalzi Park where the King Rail is hanging out at. She asked that I do not
post anything about the bird (I only had it on Ebird) and I am not going to
post photos of the bird anywhere. She saw it on the Rare Bird Alerts
e-mail. I was there yesterday and there were 6 other birders who were very
respectful, we used bins and scopes to see it. Patty mentioned that someone
was walking through the vegetation on the side across from the walkway.

I don't know who the person was that was walking through the vegetation
side, it didn't happen while we were there. I believe that those folks that
receive this listserv know the correct protocols about seeing rare (or any
bird, for that matter). Of course, there are always those that just want to
get close to the birds for photos and that is despicable (in my own
opinion). I have heard about people baiting birds for photos too (quite a
few reports of a couple of folks that do that).

Can we have someone share the protocols again about birding - not baiting
birds or walking in areas we are not supposed to go into?

I am bothered by the fact that Patty thought to write to me as I respect
the bird and the location they are in.

Any ways, just a thought....

Jeri Duefrene

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