[CT Birds] King Rail thoughts

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at charter.net
Tue Jun 27 14:50:35 EDT 2017

This King Rail thing has brought me out from hermit status. It seems that a lot of people are being incredibly judgemental about how one can look at a bird that at other seasons(fall), can be included in a kill limit of rails set at 10 per day by hunters. 

I am always mystified by the animosity between birders and bird photographers. I am willing to bet that the constant stream of birders at the rail location, like the stream that drove out the Kentucky Warbler, is far worse than an occasional person trying to get good photos

Baiting birds. How is this any different than feeding birds and  photographing them at your feeding station ?

I birded somewhere this weekend at a place that I, as a photographer, did not have to contend with a single brash noisy birder or group of birders laughing and talking or slamming car doors. I did not have anyone judge my behavior or my intentions with a long lens rather than binoculars. I birded a place where the signage welcomed me to use the land and did not threaten me for parking or overstaying my welcome. And there were plenty of birds to study and photograph. 
Needless to say, this was NOT in Connecticut. 

This whole kerfuffle seems worrisome and preachy well beyond the human paygrade.

Mark Szantyr
Storrs, CT

Mark Szantyr
Storrs, CT

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