[CT Birds] Thank you MntnCougar for your comments!

Lynnette Clemens LSC1465 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 20:31:25 EDT 2017

Thank you for your Rail comments!  I totally agree with you.  Although I read the postings daily, I rarely post anymore due to critical comments I've received in the past by a "select few" who make sure their circle "quietly" sees a special bird, but don't want to share it with novice birders.  When those arrogant few have doubted my sightings, I have been asked to provide photos to prove what I've seen.  Luckily, I own a good camera & can often capture a photo. I understand there needs to be a scientific record, but the arrogance is quite prevalent.  When birders are willing to share their knowledge & sightings, it allows all of us to learn and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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