[CT Birds] Wood Thrushes and Titmice

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 07:41:53 EDT 2017

Woke up this morning to the beautiful melody of a Wood Thrush.  I had not heard it singing lately, so I went to the window with the bins.  What a wonderland!  First off I was distracted by a titmouse ruckus.  I spotted 5 Tufted Titmice younguns learning to fly.  They were flying along a single branch.  Then one flew down a branch.  Another flew down into shrubs.  The others moved more cautiously along and between branches.  So much fun to watch with their hop-flies.   Then as they moved on, I heard the Wood Thrush again.....very close.  Spotted some movement and there were *two*!!!  One kept approaching the other who kept "pushing" it away; the latter seemed more intent on preening.  They flew deeper into into the tree cover but continued to sing for awhile.  

Great morning to be alive!

Jan Hollerbach 
Fairfield, CT

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