[CT Birds] Stratford egret

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 08:25:54 EDT 2017

Yesterday late afternoon at the Access Road pool in Stratford
(opposite R.E. Michel building) there was an odd egret standing
thigh-deep in the water. It was Snowy Egret-like but had one long head
plume and lores that were darker than usual, though still with
warm/yellow tones. It did have a somewhat shaggy mane, a feature that
is typical of Snowy Egret (and unlike Little Egret). Unsure of what to
make of head/bill size and shape, as it appears somewhat large and
mean in some of the poor images and more gentle and SNEG-like in

Not totally sure what to make of the bird, but I think hybrid Snowy x
Little Egret is on the table (versus SNEG with anomalous head plume
and darker-than-usual lores). These species breed side-by-side in the
Caribbean (Barbados, at least), and hybrids have been reported there.
I have personally seen a mixed pair at a colony in Barbados.

Views were poor through the phragmites, scoping was not possible, and
I was politely urged along by local police that were monitoring an
event across the street (they were only concerned with my safety).

The tall phragmites make viewing incredibly difficult, and beware that
this can be a busy road.

Keep an eye out for this interesting bird, and get photos if you can.


Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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