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Florence McBride fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com
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Thanks so much, Amy, for the information about how to find licensed wildlife rehabilitators in our state.  I've gotten many calls from people wanting the kind of information that the web sites you mentioned provide.  Having those bookmarked links easily accessible will be a big help to me, and to those who contact me about distressed wildlife.

Thanks again,

Flo McBride

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Since people on this list spend a lot of time out in the field and often are the first to come across orphaned or injured wildlife in need of care, I thought I'd post the direct link for federal and state licensed rehabilitators in CT, which is nicely sorted by type of animal.

http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2723&q=326228&depNav_GID=1655 <http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2723&q=326228&depNav_GID=1655>

Please bookmark this link so you have it readily available should the need arise.

Here is the more general link from the CT wildlife Rehabilitators Association with information to help determine if an animal is really orphaned.

http://www.cwrawildlife.org/findarehabilitator.html <http://www.cwrawildlife.org/findarehabilitator.html>

Thanks for caring!

Amy Hopkins

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