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greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 10:26:32 EDT 2017

An early morning jaunt around the perimeter offered a good chance to check things out on a day when traffic, official and unofficial, would be at a minimum. At the northeast section of Perimeter Road, before the road takes a severe left and heads down past the Air Museum and Fire School. I had two views of a male Dickcissel. As Nick Bonomo pointed out in a recent post, there's been a significant influx of this Midwest prairie bird into the Northeast and Middle Atlantic area, so this mid-summer sighting fits the pattern. It's possible this involved 2 different birds but I'm not sure about that. The sightings. were on the chainlink fence near the two small orange-and-white out buildings, which have gates in the fence marked N6 and N7. I had a close but very quick look at the first one, near N6, before it flew down into the grass. My impression was a young or molting male. I made a couple more passes up and down the stretch of road and came up quickly at a bend in the fence on a what seemed to be better-marked  male near N7. This bird seemed different from the the first sighting, but  my first look wasn't great. The second bird also quickly flew off into the grass as I reached for my camera. So one bird for sure. No vocalizations heard. A lot of Bobolink and Savannah Sparrow activity in area of sightings.
CT has at least one nesting attempt, from 1996 at Northwest Park in Windsor, not far from the airport.  I saw the male and female on May 26, 1996, when nesting material was being carried into high grass and singing was noted. There as never any proof that young were raised. That was during an eastward invasion similar to the one noted this year. Back in my old haunts, I recorded 4 singing birds in one field in Branchburg, NJ, on June 2, 1996.
As many of you know, stopping anywhere on Perimeter Road is not tolerated by any police on patrol. 
Greg HanisekWaterbury

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