[CT Birds] United in purpose

David Provencher hikerbirder1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 11:03:51 EDT 2017

I am in agreement with Paul and Kathy. CTBirds is a wonderful resource. As
Roy correctly pointed out, there are times when birding (as many of us
perceive it) is a bit slow. However, as Frank Mantlik just posted, there
are cool sightings to be found now. I kayaked the Lieutenant and Mystic
Rivers over the last week and Swallow numbers and diversity over the water
are building. It is a wonderful experience to have swallows buzzing by your
head as you paddle. Also a number of species are moving (like Cerulean
Warbler) and might be found in unusual locations if one is out looking.
Virtually everyone on this list is interested in protecting birds and bird
habitat. Kathy points out what is clear, that threats to what we love are
growing. And Paul points out that it is the birds that matter. There is
strength in diversity, in the natural world and in our community. We need
not all agree with one another but we should respect one another's opinions
and  try  to constructively make the changes that we believe in happen. We
can choose to work together and hope to succeed, or bicker and surely fail.
CTBirds can be an excellent tool. It is up to the users how constructively
we use it. After all, one can pick up a hammer and build a house, or use it
to deliver a blow to a neighbor. I hope we continue to build, surely the
choice rests with us.
Dave Provencher
Preston, CT.

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