[CT Birds] Acadian Flycatcher

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Acadian Flycatchers have always been extremely late  migration arrivals In 
my limited experience, including this year. In fact  probably the last new 
arrivals. This has been true when they've been in the  Boston Hollow area for 
5 of the last six years. They nested 3 years in a row,  and this is right 
about the time. I haven't found evidence of a pair so far  this year, but as 
of the last week there was a male still  calling.
I'd bet it's just a regular first nesting, Alder, Willow  and Least  can 
nest even later, I believe.
Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct.

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Today seen at Hammonasset  State Park my  f o s 3 Sanderlings. And at 
Devil?s Hopyard State Park 2 Acadian Flycatchers  including the female on the 
nest. Have never found a nest of this species  before. Being so late in the 
nesting season I can only assume this is a second  nesting attempt.

Paul Desjardins
Windsor  Locks

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