[CT Birds] Late nesting Bluebirds

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I have been monitoring bluebird boxes for over 15 years.  I typically check
the boxes every 2 weeks to monitor progress, although I don't always end my
"season" at the same time of year.  

With all that said, the latest I have found a new clutch of eggs (4) was
Aug. 11, 2007.  I saw 3 nestlings on Aug. 26, 2007.  The nest was completely
empty on Sep. 9, 2007.  Without any infertile eggs or dead nestlings, I
assumed all 4 had fledged.

The weirdest one I remember was in 2003.  On June 28, I had a box where I
could see 4 tree swallow nestlings.  On July 12, the swallow nestlings had
all fledged and there was a lone bluebird egg in the nest.  To my eye, it
looked slightly larger than a typical bluebird egg.  I returned on July 26
and found 1 bluebird nestling in the box.  By August 10th, it had fledged as
the box was empty.


John Triana

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A family of 4 bluebirds has returned to my garden, young still asking to be
fed - now to my slight dismay in this heat, there are 4 eggs in the box used
in June.  I've lost nestlings to heat before - what have other people
experienced this late, or is this possibly 3rd laying normal?  The first
eggs in May were duds, second lot fledged 3 or 4 - don't know of course if
this is the same family.
Angela Dimmitt
New Milford
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