[CT Birds] Hammo

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 14:32:36 EDT 2017

I can't stand it.  I have personally tried to combat issues like this and I have not had even one small victory.  I vented here about some of them a while back.  Two cemeteries I bird are still filling in wetlands. My town still mows about 60+ acres of grassland weekly at its transfer station (at great time and expense) that renders the grassland fairly sterile.  Friends still let their cats roam outdoors, private citizens continue to fill in or destroy wetlands in my patch. Officials, elected or otherwise, who are supposed to prevent these things either do not return phone calls and emails; or they say what you want to hear and the destruction continues.  You can do all of the preventative protection you want, but once an area is destroyed, it is rarely reversible.

Some people on this list serve have put a lot of time and effort into preventing the very thing that John describes.  Yet, someone or someones put some time, effort, and expense to further erode the quality of Hammonasset for no gain to anyone or anything.  Shorebird pools are a topic that the people who manage Hammo should be well aware of.  

Glenn Williams

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