[CT Birds] Backyard observations

Bev bpropen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 20:40:43 EDT 2017

My Orange backyard is busy with common birds.  But the bird baths are the big hits. I have several bowls around the yard.  Each one has a waiting line. Some are on the deck railing, some on the ground in my flower beds. One Robin comes every afternoon around 3-3:30 to bath. The cardinals- juveniles & adults wait their turn. The titmice use the shallow ones. Goldfinches fight over drinking rights. I have to change the water in them several times daily. 
If one wants to attract bees & butterflies, agastache is the plant to get.  Last year after planting them , within 5 minutes bees were all over them.honeybees & bumblebees.amazing how they communicate the location of flowers. Today there was a snowberry clear wing on the butterfly bush. 
Bats are out now , not as many as In previous years though. 
Just enjoying local nature. 
Bev propen, Orange. 

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