[CT Birds] Fw: Falkner Island - Bridled Tern - NOTE to birders

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As I pass along this note (below) let me give you the top line first.

Falkner's Island is CLOSED to visitors!
While Frank Gallo was on the island yesterday, he was assisting with the ongoing survey.  As I understand it, Frank spent five summers performing that survey way-back-when, so in this case Frank is not just another birder.

Good birding!

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Subject: Falkner Island - Bridled Tern - NOTE to birders

Hello -

We (our partners and the Refuge) have been getting questions about access to Falkner Island to see the bridled tern.  Can you please post that the island is closed to all visitors year-round except in September for the open house?

People are welcome to anchor off of the island - but no one is allowed to dock their boats or come onto the island.  

Frank Gallo is a Refuge volunteer and was helping with re-sighting this year's fledglings when Stephen Broker and friends talked with him.  He was with the Refuge Biologist and had permission to be on the island.

If anyone has any questions, please direct them to contact me, Kris Vagos, at 860-399-2513 x8135.

Thank you so much.

Kris Vagos


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