[CT Birds] Bstn hlw/Yale Forest, Ashford 8-2-17: Always a good day in the Forest

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Thu Aug 3 00:38:26 EDT 2017

Highlights today were definitely a fledgling Barred Owl who  looked too 
young to be out of the nest and a juvenile Coopers Hawk, calling  incessantly 
to be fed. The owl still had downy feathers on the head, and  overall, 
incomplete plumage compared to an adult. Also, the bird looked much smaller to me 
than an  adult. It was only 20 feet from me when I first saw it, so I had a 
pretty  good look. Found in 1 of the same areas I've been seeing and hearing 
Barred Owls  all season long.
Pics of Barred owl here:
I'm sure the Coopers Hawk was either the same one I saw on 7/28  or 
possibly a nest mate, since it was in the same area, being mobbed by angry  
Chickadees. I chased him around for about half a mile in the forest today I  think, 
trying to get a good look and to record his calling. And then ended up  
back on the road with the bird calling from a branch right over my head. 
Pics of Coopers Hawk here:
MP3 of  Coopers Hawk calling here:
Boston Hollow/Yale Forest, Windham, Connecticut, US
Aug 2, 2017 7:45 AM  - 1:30 PM
Protocol: Traveling
8.5 mile(s)
33 species

Turkey  Vulture  3
Cooper's Hawk  1     Juvie screaming for  mama, to be fed. Probably same 
bird or nest mate I saw ion 8/28 in same  location
Broad-winged Hawk  2     A fly-by and the juvie  from the BH Rd nest 
screaming in forest.
Mourning Dove  7
Barred  Owl  1     Fledgling. Appeared to be right out of the nest.  Head 
downy, tail small and overall the bird looked smaller than an  adult.
Downy Woodpecker  4
Pileated Woodpecker  1
Eastern  Wood-Pewee  4
Great Crested Flycatcher  1
Blue-headed  Vireo  9
Red-eyed Vireo  14
Blue Jay  12
American  Crow  1
Black-capped Chickadee  25
Tufted Titmouse   9
White-breasted Nuthatch  1
House Wren  1
Hermit  Thrush  4     3 singing, 1 foraging in road
American  Robin  6
Gray Catbird  12
Cedar Waxwing  2
Northern  Waterthrush  1
Black-and-white Warbler  7
Common  Yellowthroat  2
Pine Warbler  2
Black-throated Green  Warbler  8
Canada Warbler  1
Chipping Sparrow  6
Song  Sparrow  1
Eastern Towhee  1
Scarlet Tanager  2   I M seen, one  singing tic bur call
Northern Cardinal   4
American Goldfinch  20     1 sitting on nest recently  vacated by Am. 

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Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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