[CT Birds] Glass Buildings and Bird Strikes

clutchzat at aol.com clutchzat at aol.com
Sun Aug 6 10:05:40 EDT 2017

Hi Friends,
I’m seeking your advice, but realize this topic may not be 100% appropriate forCT Birds, and so please feel free to respond to me privately at:  clutchzat at aol.com.

Last week I met a business colleague at their office, asuite in a large professional building in Rocky Hill.  The building has all glass tinted windows, andreflects the trees brilliantly.  Definitelya death trap for birds, and indeed, while meeting with the colleague, I lookedoutside and saw a dead robin. One of the office workers indicated it’s a commonoccurrence. I’m sure if I were to walk the perimeter of the building daily, Icould gather quite a collection.  

Myquestion:  Does a citizen have any reasonablechance to effect changes this building’s owner could make?  Perhaps there would be more clout if thebuilding was in the development stages, but this is a well-establishedcommercial office building.  Sickening.  Thanks for your ear.
Andy Thiede
Berlin, CT

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