[CT Birds] Outer Banks

John A Calogero jacmd1 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 7 14:27:26 EDT 2017

For Katherine Kuckens and others going to the Outer Banks, birding information for Hatteras Island:

Most important spot, Cape Point in Buxton.  Four wheel drive or good legs required.  Most migrants will set down here, particularly waders, but only those that require salt water.  Some pelagics occasionally, mostly gannets, sometimes in very large numbers.  Large nesting areas abut the point.  Skimmers, piping plovers, royal, forster's, least, common terns.  I've seen all these and more nesting.  Bring strong binoculars and scope.

Next most important, Hatteras Inlet.  Large nesting areas, same assortment.  Few migrants.

Pea Island Wildlife Refuge, on northern Hatteras Island.  Many waders----ibis, tricolored, great blue and little blue herons as well as cattle, snowy and great egrets.   Many warblers but it's a bit early.  I've had simultaneous flyovers of bald and golden eagles.  Oddly, never seen a glossy ibis here.  Swans and snow geese come late autumn, and snow geese numbers are way down from twenty years ago.  Had white pelicans last thanksgiving.  Rare here.

Have fun!  This is one of God's great pieces of real estate.

John A Calogero, West Hartford

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