[CT Birds] Falkner Island eBird hotspot

Cédric Duhalde allaboutbirds at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 13:12:09 EDT 2017

Howdy all,

I'm glad that the Bridled Tern has been so obliging and has offered
visitors extensive viewing and photographing opportunities. I was worried
the remote location would prevent that, but birders always find a way!
I'm sending this message out because upon perusing the Falkner Island
hotspot on eBird, I'm noticing some people are including species seen at
the harbor they docked from onto their Falkner Island checklist. Although I
understand it's convenient to just include all the species seen on your
outing on a single checklist, it provides erroneous data for the Falkner
Island hotspot (for example, there is no appropriate habitat for Saltmarsh
Sparrow on the island, and it would be a very unlikely visitor). For the
sake of providing coherent data to this extensive database, I ask that
people make a different checklist for birds seen on or near the mainland. I
know Guilford Harbor has an established hotspot people can use if they
docked from there. What I've been doing for our near-daily checklists for
the island is including any species seen south of the green can off the
North Spit of the island, since it's reasonably close to the island, and
within realistic distance around the rest of the island (like don't include
a Laughing Gull seen on Goose Rock west of Falkner).
Thanks for understanding, I've just always been a stickler for making eBird
as accurate and specific as possible.
For what it's worth also, I saw the Bridled Tern this morning flew west in
front of the North Spit, so it is still here for anyone curious about its

Cheers and good birding,
Cédric Duhalde

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